The Best Way to Bike to Golf

Golf is played by over 25 million people in the United States alone. 45 million Americans bike or cycle every year as well. So, what if you want to do both at the same time?

Truth is there are not many options out there. Sure you could carry your golf bag on your back, but that’s rather uncomfortable and dangerous. If you’ve got a fully loaded golf bag you’re talking about carrying 30 pounds of weight on your back, most of that pulling down one side of your body. By the time you get to the driving range or golf course, your shoulders are shot. And if you live in a city or other crowded area, dodging in and out of traffic with a horizontal set of iron sticks can be downright terrifying, most people wouldn’t even dream of it. 

Sunday golf bags and minimalist carry bags are great for walking 9 holes, and we are big fans of carrying while you play, but even the most lightweight golf bags will hang awkwardly off your shoulder when biking, believe me I’ve tried. Additionally, they don’t have much room for all the accessories you may want to carry like golf shoes, a bike lock, an extra shirt, or if you’re like me the extra dozen balls to replace your drowners. 

You could try this velcro contraption found on Amazon, which would be cool if you lived within walking distance of and only plant to go to the driving range. 

velcro golf bag

But if you want to cycle to your local muni for a quick 9, you’ll find your clubs sliding awkwardly around. And I guess you could just stuff a few balls in your pocket and carry one beverage in your hand while you ride.

If you’ve got deep pockets you can invest in a specialized golf bike, or perhaps a trailer to haul your full bag around. But that just seems like a hassle. 

The lightweight Back9 golf backpack is designed specifically for people who want to maximize their mobility for golfing. With our unique take on a minimalist golf bag, you can store 7-9 clubs on your back, and the wider pocket layout leaves plenty of room for a full change of clothes if you like. For biking to the driving range, the local 9 hole, or anywhere else you might want to play there is no better choice than the Back9.

Biking to Golf Course or Driving Range

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