The Back9 Golf Backpack


With backpack and golf bag modes, the Back9 makes it easy to transport your clubs on and off the course. 


  • Carries 7-14 Clubs
  • 8 pockets
  • 6.2 lbs
  • 34.5" tall
  • 12" wide
  • 9" deep 
  • Silicone strap to secure club shafts
  • 4-way compartment divider
  • Rain hood Included

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Rommel Y. (Las Pinas, PH)
Ridng with a Back9 Golf Backpack

I only put in 3 irons plus all my golf stuff for a test run today. Rode it past 60 MPH and it worked beautifully. Wind was not a factor at all. My only concern is the bottom of the bag will scratch my seat so I need to look for a pouch for the bottom of the backpack or strap something on top of the seat to prevent undue abrasion. Thanks guys. One happy customer here in Manila.

l.m. (Denver, US)
Couldn’t Live Without This Bag

The best golf bag I’ve ever owned.

Tom M. (Stow, US)
Works great with my motorcycle!

I purchased this bag with the intention of using it while riding my motorcycle, and it has been great. When the weather is nice, I want to ride, but also want to go golfing... now I can combine the two. And now I don't have to ask my friends to come pick up my clubs while I ride off on the bike.

I pull the shoulder straps as tight as they go to get the bag high up, then the bottom of the bag sits right on the seat as if it were a passenger. With the bag resting on the seat, I don't really feel any weight of the bag when riding. I stay off the highway because the bag does catch some wind. Sticking to side streets (ha!) has worked out well and the bag is comfortable up to 50mph, then I can feel it pulling a little bit from the wind resistance, but it still feels very secure.

The pocket for the shoes is a perfect fit, and plenty of other pockets for golf balls, tees, etc.

I had been looking for some type of club rack for motorcycles and came across your product, and I made the right choice with your Back9 bag.

Andrew O. (Sydney, AU)

This backpack is light, looks good and does what it is supposed to do. It feels really good when riding my bike and easy to carry on the golf course. It took me a while to rig the straps up in a way that positioned the padding on my back. I had to do it in a non standard way but it is now perfect! Great idea and great execution. I love it!

eulices g. (Duarte, US)

The Back9 Golf Backpack


What is a golf bag backpack?

It's a golf bag that you can wear like a backpack. Or a backpack that plays like a golf bag. With 11 points of contact and a modular shoulder strap system, the Back9 offers superior mobility options on and off the course.

Why are the clubs upside down?

With the club heads inside the bag, it's much easier and more comfortable to transport your sticks on your back. We recommend flipping them around when you get to the course.

When does it ship?

The Back9 is shipping now! You will receive your order within 2-7 business days.

What about when it rains?

No problem, the Back9 is fully waterproof and comes with a rain hood.