The Back9 Golf Bag Backpack v7 Breakdown

Greetings loyal listeners, today we're bringing you an update on the the Back9 Golf Bag Backpack. We've received the 7th prototype and it is so close we can taste it. After much testing and revision with our manufacturer, this iteration has dialed in the functional pieces, including a major change to the handle and kickstand mechanism. We have moved forward to the tooling stage, with just a few tweaks required from this prototype. Mostly some fitting improvements on the straps and a few more aesthetic/comfort pieces we've added. As of now we are still on track for an October delivery.

The Back9 Golf Bag pictured in a Chicago alley.

With some dialing in of the leg stands, the Back9 is standing taller but still keeping that thin profile.

Golf bag with Backpack straps for wearing on abike.

The backpack straps now connect to one ring at the top, but can be easily moved to the side of the bag when you get to the course.

Carrying the back9 like a golf bag.

The Back9 fits great as a single strap over either shoulder. One thing we will do in the Golden Sample is have thicker straps to make it more comfortable if you are walking 9 or 18 holes.

Close up of golf bag pockets.

There is plenty of pocket room in the Back9. We left the prototypes in black to speed up turnaround, but the Golden Sample will have a black and gray colorway with Chicago blue highlights. 

The Handle on the back9 golf bag makes it easier to wear like a backpack.

One major improvement was moving the handle to the back of the bag instead of two handles on the side. This configuration makes it much easier to deploy the leg stand. We also have two handles on the sides to make it easier to take off the bag when it is in backpack mode.

Dogs love the back9

Like we said, plenty of room in the pockets :)


Thanks for following along on this journey, we are so excited to bring the Back9 to life. Whether you are trying to bike to the golf course, take your golf bag on a motorcycle, or just want a better way to carry your clubs, we are thrilled to be part of the movement to make golf more accessible.

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