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Side Street is Live!

I am thrilled to announce that Side Street Golf is 100% live! What does this mean? After nearly three years of obsessing and hustling, The Back9 is in stock at...

I am thrilled to announce that Side Street Golf is 100% live!

What does this mean? After nearly three years of obsessing and hustling, The Back9 is in stock at our Chicago and Cork, Ireland locations and shipping world wide in real time.

You may have noticed we've been heating up the last few weeks - unloading trucks, fulfilling orders, exhibiting at conventions, and preparing for the upcoming golf season. But I just wanted to take a moment to share this milestone with you, and say thanks to everyone involved.

It's hard to describe the feeling of finally pulling that first box off the truck and cracking it open. Then to see all the smiles we put on faces at the Chicago Golf Show as you all tried on the bag and took a spin on our bike. The Back9 Golf Backpack is absolutely stunning. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out, and I know all of you will be too. We have fulfilled several hundred Kickstarter and website pre-orders already, and are now dropping bags in real time across the world. What's up Malaysia?

Side Street was built on a simple idea - to easily ride my bike to the golf course. That idea turned into a dream - to bring a new product and style into the world. And now that dream is become reality - making golf more accessible for all you grinders and adventurers out there. 

I've a lot of people to thank for helping bring this beast to life - here's the order of my list in the order it's in:

For everyone who helped design and create the Back9: Jason, Izzy, Luke, Josh, Cammy and especially Nicole!
For everyone that starred in our videos and photo shoots: Ryan L., My, JKnight, and Anna. Zach, Taylor, Jeanne, Hannah, Moira, Brian, Paul B, Nano and the rest.
For all those who encouraged me when times were tough: Chris B, #1 Otaku Kevin, Joel, Carla and Rob, John Henry, Rich D., cousin Larry, MK, Shea, Kerry, David A., and my mom and dad for sure.
For the boots on the ground: Anne N, Nathan, and Colin.
For all the believers who took a chance on us and our Kickstarter.
For my twin in the mountains, Sr. Mary Andre.
For giving me the strength to see this through: God above.
And of course for my #1 x a million, Marie.

The first chapter is coming to a close, but the story is just beginning. Please stick around for the ride, much more to come.


Bob Huguelet
Founder and CEO of Side Street Golf


Now please enjoy a small handful of photos from the vault...


The earliest sketches of the golf bag backpack concept...

Early concept drawing of the back9
The first prototype made out of a busted folding chair, scrap wood, and plenty of zip ties.
Started working with Klugonyx to help shape the idea.
New prototype, much cleaner.
"The Coffin" prototype, playing with sizes and different tops. 
This prototype was super awkward, but it's how we figured out we needed a wedge to keep the clubs off your helmet.
Oh yea lot's of purchases and returns from an unnamed big box retailer for research purposes :)
This is where the Back9 really starts to take shape...
Taking the gals out to Diversey Driving range.
Getting the whole fam out. Sometimes the Back9 feels like my 4th kid. Quietest and lightest by far.
Works on the L. 
Best part of the job is testing the Back9 with friends.
And dogs too...
The finished product finally arrives in snowy Chicago!
Unloaded 700 units off the truck in an hour and a half. Driver said it was the fastest he's ever seen.
Our very first in-person customer. Kevin found us at the Chicago Golf Show, then circled back later to pick up another one for his son!


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